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Our lab, pilot and small production equipment puts traditional Cozzoli precision on the table-top, in compact designs that are easy to set up, operate, clean and sterilize. Use of 316 stainless steel for product contact parts and innovative Cozzoli pump and valve designs offer unmatched reliability and product purity. This line of equipment is designed for laboratories and smaller production facilities. Our wide variety of laboratory products are ideally suited for use in clinical and analytical sample preparation, reagent additions/dispensing, serial dilution and sample distribution; or for small scale production in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemcial and other industries.

Single Valve Filling

Powder Filling

Liquid Filling

Lab/Tabletop Powder Filling Single Valve Filling Vacuum Stoppering Hand Sealing

Washing & Air Cleaning

Lab/Tabletop Syring Filling Washing & Air Cleaning

Lab/Tabletop Equipment

Lab/Tabletop Liquid Filling

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